The Corner Suite offers medical wellness in a calm, peaceful, luxurious setting. Our mission is to provide you with the same exacting service that you’d expect from the top hotel or health spa in any great destination of the world.

A Note from our Founder

I like to indulge my wanderlust from time to time, but I also want a place that I can call home.

In creating The Corner Suite, I have drawn inspiration from my favorite hotels—The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca, Soho House in Malibu—as well as from my passion for art and interiors—in order to share the most transformational discoveries of my own wellness journey.

We will never feature a laundry list of “the latest” treatments. At The Corner Suite, we focus on advanced technologies that we believe in, wellness services we perform to perfection, and restorative experiences that go beyond the typical, traditional modes of healing. The point is to feel good, and to share a sacred space where we can grow in mind, body, and spirit.

Because while we know that science and technology can offer estimable health benefits, but we also believe that just as meaningful are the beautiful experiences along the way—moments which leave you relaxed and revived, rejuvenated, and at peace.

I continue to travel to source the best of the best for Savannah: select services, unique retail, and the experience of luxury. I hope you will find that The Corner Suite is a place where you, too, can escape everything in order to transform.


Marjani Kai Smith