Custom Weight Loss

OUR EXPERTS will work with you to develop a custom program of health and wellnesS.

Drawing on years of clinical expertise in the field of weight loss, our coaches know that every body is different. Our goal is to identify a weight loss plan that will work for yours. 

We consider your personal risk factors, dietary sensitivities, and lifestyle preferences in offering nutritional support, and all of our weight loss and weight management programs adhere to the same clinical guidelines that govern a doctor’s decision making...

And when it comes to rewarding success, we are the exclusive Savannah source for Vanquish Me fat reduction treatments and Exilis skin tightening, both by BTL. 


Our customers call it, "The Easiest Diet Ever." We call it OurSkinny. OurSkinny works because it was designed with busy lifestyles in mind. There are no points. No pills to take. You won't be counting calories. 

OurSkinny provides delicious, high protein shakes and bars and a few healthy guidelines for snacking and preparing meals. It’s just that simple, and we provide all the weight loss support and motivation you need.  Learn more about OurSkinny...


We are obsessively focused on finding the best foods and supplements to promote weight loss, digestive balance, and a sense of well-being. Our concept kitchen is a place for you to experiment with smoothie recipes, juices, herbal teas, and superfoods that help optimize the way you feel.


We believe in the positive clinical effects of diet and exercise, but certain areas resist even the most determined weight loss efforts. Our exclusive, non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring treatments have been specifically designed to target these areas and to provide results you will notice immediately. 

Vanquish Me™ uses the comfortable heat to eliminate stubborn areas fat. Vanquish treats the stomach and waistline with no unevenness, delivering rapid results.

Exilis™ anti-aging treatments stimulate formation of new collagen and elastin, delivering immediate and long-term results for the face, forehead, eyes, cheeks, neck.

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