Non Surgical Ab Sculpting

The CORner Suite is proud to be the exclusive source for EMSCULPT® BODY SCULPTING treatments IN SAVANNAH.  

What if I told you there was a fast, non-surgical, non-invasive, body sculpting treatment that would yield in just one treatment results similar to those you’d get by doing 20,000 sit-ups or 20,000 squats?

Introducing EMSCULPT® by BTL.

Most body sculpting therapies address fat and skin tone, but here at The Corner Suite, thanks to EMSCULPT’s revolutionary HIFEM technology, we are addressing muscle for patients who want defined abs and a firmer butt.

Our revolutionary non-surgical body contouring system, EMSCULPT, eliminates that stubborn inch of fat that just won’t go away, no matter how hard you work out, even as we stimulate muscle growth. The secret is High-Intensity, Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy.

EMSCULPT uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate “supramaximal” muscle contractions that lift, firm, and sculpt the body, no sweat required. After a series of just 4 treatments, EMSCULPT clients, on average, have 15% more abdominal muscle and see a nearly 20% reduction in fat.

  • Non-Surgical

  • Non-Invasive

  • FDA Approved

  • Easy, Affordable, and Pain-Free, with No Downtime

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EMSCULPT is new to Savannah, but there have already been seven independent studies conducted across the United States. The results confirm that the procedure is both safe and effective… and that the patients are happy:

  • 19% reduction of fat

  • 4 cm (1.5 inches) loss in waistline circumference

  • 16% increase in muscle mass

  • 11% reduction in abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti)

  • 96% patient satisfaction

Emsculpt® is FDA-Approved for improvement of abdominal tone, strengthening of the abdominal muscles, and development of a firmer abdomen, as well as for strengthening, toning and firming of buttocks. 

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EMSCULPT burns fat and tones muscle in the abdominal and buttocks region without pain, downtime, or sweating it out at the gym.

How does EMSCULPT body sculpting work? The secret is High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) energy, which causes supramaximal contractions in the stomach muscles, forcing contractions from flank to flank.

You may have seen or heard of electrical nerve stimulation devices (TENS), which produce electrical energy for the same purpose. EMSCULPT is similar—but a different technology altogether… one that is exponentially more powerful in building new muscle mass, while at the same time encouraging lipolysis (the destruction of fat cells). 

The results are stunning.

A single EMSCULPT treatment is the equivalent of doing approximately 20,000 sit ups or squats, but it is worth noting that supramaximal muscle contractions are not achievable through voluntary movements. Over a series of treatments, these contractions build abdominal muscle, improving both muscle tone and muscle definition.



The Corner Suite’s trained specialists will meet privately with you to set forth a treatment plan that will help you achieve the shape you want. Treatment plans will vary depending on the patient’s starting point, body type, and his or her aesthetic goals.

A minimum of 4 successive 30-minute treatments is recommended, usually spaced 2 to 3 days apart.

EMSCULPT is painless, but you will feel like you’ve had a good workout. As such, you should prepare for each session as you would for a workout with your favorite personal trainer. Don’t eat a big meal right before your session. A high protein snack is fine. We’ll give you much more information during your free consultation, but it’s just that straight-forward.

Results happen fast: though you may feel some soreness, you will begin to notice changes immediately following your treatment.

More dramatic results begin to appear after two to three weeks, as the body eliminates the fat and the muscles rebuild themselves (just the same way they break down and are rebuilt with every trip to the gym). Changes continue for several weeks after your final treatment.

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EMSCULPT is a non-invasive, non surgical body sculpting treatment, and should be medically safe for almost anyone. With that said, adults who are in good shape and want to see defined abs or butt lift are especially good candidates.

  • Patients who are physically active, with less than an inch of pinchable fat, may be able to achieve particularly satisfying outcomes in toning the stomach and with an EMSCULPT butt lift. Long-term results will depend on adhering to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not undergo treatment with EMSCULPT.

  • Women who are close to menstruation may find that it comes sooner or cramping is increased/intensified with EMSCULPT treatments, therefore we recommend not undergoing treatment during this time of the month.

Please note that Patients with significant stomach fat may not be ideal candidates for EMSCULPT.  The HIFEM energy used to power the treatment penetrates to about 7 centimeters. Those with thicker fat stores may not get as significant of muscle contraction, resulting in less significant results following treatment.

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