spend an hour WITH US. Leave feeling REFRESHED and ready to thrive.

The Corner Suite draws upon years of clinical experience in delivering hydrating infusion therapy for locals and luxury travelers in Downtown Savannah. Come discover what busy people in Los Angeles and New York and visitors to resort towns like Aspen and Palm Springs already know…

Hydrating infusion therapy speeds recovery from the flu, jet lag, hangovers, and general exhaustion. An IV drip can help prevent illness, improves energy and mental focus, supports your best weight loss efforts, and delivers incredible results as part of your anti-aging beauty regimen.

IV infusions can be delivered in under an hour (sometimes in half an hour), while you unwind in a comfortable chair, answer emails, listen to music, read a book, or enjoy conversation with a friend. We look forward to taking care of you.

Myers' Cocktail

$150 | Flight of Four $480

Our take on the original — a micronutrient drip for what ails you. An IV infusion of vitamin c, B12, B complex, and magnesium. Treats range of illnesses and general malaise. 


$185 | Flight of Four $620

Relieves instantly and invigorates! Give your system a lift before takeoff (or detox once you land). Adds glutathione - one of nature's most powerful antioxidants - to the Myers' cocktail of vitamin c, B12, B complex and magnesium. 


$195 | Flight of Four $620

The great health and strength restorer. A megadose of magnesium in addition to vitamin c, B12, B complex, and glutathione. A healthy, hydrating infusion for athletes and others who value performance, endurance, and improved recovery.

You’re So Vein

$200 | Flight of Four $640

We offer the ultimate elixir for healthy, glowing skin. This relaxing IV drip delivers a megadose of vitamin c for better skin health, plus B12, B complex, glutathione and magnesium megadose.

After After Party 


Welcome to Savannah. This simple, saline + electrolyte infusion speeds your recovery from our particular brand of Southern hospitality. Enjoy straight up or add micronutrients. Read more about hangover hydration.


Starting at $80


The Corner Suite is now on MindBody. Read more about IV infusion therapy and hangover hydration, or call us at 912.200.4095 to schedule your appointment today