IV Hangover Hydration in Savannah

The Corner Suite draws upon years of clinical experience in delivering HANGOVER HYDRATION IN OUR PEACEFUL SPA IN DOWNTOWN SAVANNAH.

There's a old saying about drinking in Savannah that you might have heard (or read). It goes like this: 'If you go to Atlanta, Georgia the first question people ask you is, 'What do you do for a living?' In Macon they ask you where you go to church. In Augusta they want to know who your grandmother was...

...but in Savannah we ask, 'What do you want to drink?'”


It’s hard enough to stay hydrated even in the best of circumstances, and dehydration and the stresses of an active life can make us vulnerable to illness and fatigue. 

Here in Downtown Savannah, where the bars are open until 3:00 AM, you are likely to have a bad morning once in a while. 

The Corner Suite's hangover infusion combines saline solution and a megadose of electrolytes to provide immediate hangover relief.  In under an hour, our "After After Party" IV hangover cure improves the symptoms of even the most severe hangovers. Call now for an appointment.


In addition to immune support and improved brain function, our IV Hydration therapy alleviates the bodily misery that comes with having too much of a good time… especially here in Savannah.

As you are no doubt aware, heavy alcohol consumption leads to dehydration, which in turn leads to the complex of nasty symptoms - nausea, headaches, dizziness, dry mouth, aches, pains, and emotional vulnerability - that accompany a hangover.  

You could just drink a ton of water. Some recommend the hair of the dog that bit you. But sometimes there's just not enough time (or enough water in all the world) for that. How can you even read this? Call now.


IV infusion therapy delivers safe, speedy recovery from hangovers.

Read more about IV drip therapy.

Once you arrive at The Corner Suite at 24 West Henry Street (two blocks south of Forsyth Park), you will be asked to fill out a couple of forms. Our concierge will offer you herbal tea and/or bottled water, and you can choose one of the comfy chairs in our infusion room. 

Our expert clinicians will see to everything else.

A brief pinprick to take your mind off other, more consuming discomfort, and 20 to 40 minutes later (depending on the patient), you'll be ready to make the most of the rest of your time in Savannah. 



After After Party 

JUST $80

Welcome to Savannah! This simple, saline + electrolyte infusion speeds recovery from our particular brand of Southern hospitality. 

Enjoy straight up or add micronutrients.