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The CORner Suite is proud to be the exclusive source for EXILIS™ SKIN TIGHTENING IN SAVANNAH GA.  

Exilis™ by BTL is a groundbreaking anti-aging treatment and one of the most effective skin tightening technologies available to doctors and their patients. The result: a refreshed, more youthful look for those who suffer from mild skin laxity due to the rigors of aging.

Now available in Savannah exclusively at The Corner Suite, Exilis is a cutting-edge alternative to harsh (and potentially dangerous) chemical peels, not to mention outdated surgical interventions.

Exilis combines ultrasound and radiofrequency waves to stimulate the formation of new collagen and elastin, yielding beautiful skin tone and a more youthful appearance. Treatments are safe, comfortable, and produce both immediate and long-term results for the face, forehead, eyes, cheeks, neck. Better yet, Exilis is:

  • Non-Surgical
  • Non-Invasive
  • FDA Approved
  • Easy, Affordable, and Pain-Free
  • With No Downtime

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Exilis is a safe and effective skin tightening treatment, an alternative to risky surgical interventions and expensive topical treatments that fall short of producing a meaningful difference in the way you look and feel.

The Exilis system relies on carefully-monitored ultrasound and radiofrequency waves—comfortable heat that is easily tolerated by even the most sensitive patients.

The procedure is contactless. The only sensation is a mild warming that some clients find soothing. (The system cools your skin as it works, protecting and refreshing its surface).  By applying this gentle heat to the layers of skin below the epidermis, we are able to the body’s natural collagen building mechanisms. The result is a youthful, healthy glow and...

Because it is so gentle, this skin-tightening treatment can be performed anywhere on the face or body. It is safe for all skin types and colors. Exilis offers a pain free skin-tightening treatment in typically under an hour, and you will see an immediate “lift” that gives way to long term results as the body produces new collagen. 

What to expect from ExiliS Skin Tightening... 

The Exilis system offers significant advantages relative to other non-invasive body sculpting processes, but is best for patients who: 

  • Are in good general health.
  • Who have a positive attitude. 
  • And who have realistic expectations.  

Following your free consultation with one of our trained specialists, together you will make a plan of treatment. Common treatment areas include the loose skin about the neck & jowls, as well as the midface, eyes, the forehead (for brow lifting).

Exilis may be used in combination with Vanquish Me™ fat reduction treatments to produce a smoother, trimmer body shape.  

Your treatment will take place at The Corner Suite, in a comfortable, private room.

We ask that you prepare by arriving to your appointments well-hydrated.

Whereas many skin-tightening procedures require significant post-treatment regimens, Exilis patients experience a only mild sensation of heat that may linger for an hour or so, and which do not interfere with daily activities. You can go right back to work (or play). 

Your Exilis skin tightening treatment will require some patience. Following the initial "lift," the most dramatic results require time. Most patients require 3 or 4 sessions, with each session timed to allow the body’s natural processes the time necessary to deliver beautifully natural results.  

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