The Nue Co. REAL, natural SUPPLEMENTS



The Nue Co. offers an amazing line of supplements designed to work with your body - not against it - and they are now available in Savannah at The Corner Suite

What’s their story?

On super-busy days when she didn’t have time for breakfast or lunch, Nue Co. founder Jules Miller struggled to find a decent probiotic supplement. Instead, she found pills and powders made with synthetic ingredients, chemicals and fillers that ultimately weren't doing much for her body. “These harsh vitamins are not going to kill you,” she told Allure, “but they’re just not efficient or absorbed well into your body.”

Indeed, most supplements are filled with chemicals, and we are not designed to eat chemicals. Our bodies struggle to recognize them. Nue Co. supplements, however, are made using organic foods that are dried, ground, and blended in their lab. Every ingredient is used with intent, familiar to your body, and sourced sustainably from around the world.

Visit us in Savannah and try a shot of Nue Co. Skin Food + Probiotic, or get a whiff of the Functional Fragrance that we all adore here @thecornersuite.