Wherever you go DISH® Network Can Be There With You

Are you ready for the magic? Go anywhere you want and enjoy live TV programming on your smartphone at no extra cost. You may ask who is offering this wonderful service.  It’s none other than DISH Network, a leader in digital television entertainment.  The impressive services provided by DISH are sure to delight the entire household.

DISH Network channels always have something for everyone.  When premium channels offer blockbuster movies and award-winning series, specialty channels offer channels of your choice.  The specialty channels allow people to be choosy.  Those who love to watch family-friendly channels packed with classic TV series, movies and lifestyle programming can order America’s Top 200.  Channels that can be ordered a la carte include the Encore® Movie Package, Veria and Playboy TV.

Technology plays a key role in making DISH one of the most popular television service providers in the United States. People hate commercials interrupting them when they are engrossed in a program. DISH knows this better than anyone. So they  found a way to make TV commercial-free.  To watch commercial-free programs, connect your TV with the Hopper™ Whole-Home HD DVR.  The Hopper skips commercials automatically.  The Hopper is available with most of the popular DISH Network Packages including America’s Top 120™.

In this busy world, people want instant gratification entertainment. With Whole-Home HD DVR, you can record shows and watch them at your leisure. A DVR connected to the TV helps people to balance outdoor and indoor activities.  It’s so simple. When you go out you can program the DVR to record TV shows.  The DVR allows subscribers to watch more and miss less.

TV Everywhere™ is another attractive inclusion offered through DISH Network deals.  By connecting the Sling® Adapter to your compatible DVR, you are only a few seconds away from enjoying movies and TV shows.  Enjoy live TV channels while roaming around the city.  The Sling® Adapter is a remote access application designed by DISH for smartphones and tablets.  This application allows you to watch live programs and DVR recordings wherever you go. To watch live sports events, check the DISH Network schedule andstart enjoying the match on the go.  Below are some of the advantages of this DISH wireless application:

  • Watching live programs wherever you are
  • Getting more options to watch DVR recordings
  • Setting programs with the help of the Program Guide
  • Enjoying On Demand content

Imagine you are at the office and want to watch your favorite movie star’s live show. You can watch it online and enjoy the show.  Combine DISH Network Internet with your satellite TV package andenjoy other online TV programs and movies.

By providing a wide range of interactive applications, DISH has upgraded your TV service to something really great.  Sign up for a DISH TV package today and change the way you watch TV.