Transform your living room into an entertainment hub with one of the DISH® Network packages

Do you like to watch news broadcast all day long? Does watching soccer throughout the year interest you? When our choices and moods change day after day, why settle for less-than-thrilling TV entertainment when you can have it all? Isn’t it time you subscribed to one of the DISH Network packages to get a great value on a robust programming package? With a variety of channels and offers available, nothing can stand in the way of transforming your house into an entertainment zone.

What makes DISH Network channel packages unique?

  • Who says you can’t watch your favorite movie and enjoy spending an evening out with your friends? When going out you can set your DVR to record any programming you don’t want to miss and watch it when you want. Does having this many entertainment options make you leery of cost? DISH Network package prices are as affordable for all as they are accessible.
  • Do you often stay put at home? Why should your TV viewing be confined to your living room only? With the Remote Access app for tablets and smartphones, you get the added option of carrying your Live TV and DVR programming anywhere you go.
  • Do you tolerate the frequent intervention of commercials as unavoidable interruptions to your otherwise interesting TV shows? With the Hopper™ Whole-Home HD DVR, the option of skipping commercials in primetime TV on ABC, NBC and additional networks is available.

With DISH, you should be able to find a package designed just for you. Start off with the DISH Network Family Package to make TV viewing a family affair. Enjoy 55 family-friendly channels of wholesome entertainment. Want more than 55 channels? How about a staggering 320 channels? Bring home America’s “Everything” Pak which has over 320 channels, including all the local channels in your area and 30 commercial-free premium movie channels. In addition to America’s Top core programming packages and DishLATINO packages, DISH also has an impressive number of International packages to choose from.

When you compare DISH Network packages to each other and select the best match, you will be surprised at the abundant choices available. Bringing to you a variety of entertainment choices is a promise we take seriously.

With so many choices available, you should be able to select the perfect package. Can’t make up your mind? It is understandable that even after undergoing a thorough DISH Network package comparison, choosing just one can be a challenge. If you would like guidance from a DISH Network specialist, call the toll-free number at our site and we can give you a breakdown of each package and the promotions you qualify for today.