Bundle DISH® TV with DISH Network Internet Services and Start Saving

Television and Internet are two integral parts of human life. We would get far less accomplished if these two services that entertain and provide us with so much information were not available. This is why DISH TV has joined hands with some of the top-notch internet service providers in the nation to offer DISH Network Internet Services to its valued customers.

DISH, as one of the leading satellite television providers in the nation, provides maximum choices and at the right price. DISH prices suit the budgets of many and channel selection fulfills a range of lifestyle interests. So sign up with DISH Network and start experiencing the true value of television viewing with the latest in technology.


  • Now you can watch commercial-free TV. It’s true. You can now skip commercials in primetime on TV channels like ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC in HD and enjoy watching uninterrupted shows. With the Hopper™, you can record up to 6 HD channels at once during primetime.
  • DISH online allows you to access your favorite TV shows and movies from the channels you already subscribe to. Stay connected to your TV on your computer with DISH Network Internet access no matter where you are. You can easily browse various On Demand titles by simply logging into DISH online.
  • The Hopper™ Whole-Home HD DVR from DISH allows you to record live TV in any room and access the DVR library on multiple televisions. You can also pause and rewind live television. With the DISH Remote Access app for smartphones and tablets you can watch live TV and access your DVR library right from your phone. With your DVR connected to a fast internet connection like the DISH Network Internet, you can schedule recordings, set priorities and delete previous recordings when you are away from home.
  • DISH provides you with hundreds of channels to choose from. Find a package that suits you from among the core packages like DISH Smart Pack, America’s Top 120, America’s Top 200, America’s Top 250 and America’s “Everything” Pak. You also have the option of choosing from other Latino and International packages.

To check the availability of DISH Network satellite internet, you can call us and we will assist you. The remarkably low prices of DISH services would leave you bewildered. Also you can save more when you bundle DISH TV with DISH Network Internet Service. Paying bills has never been so easy before. When you choose DISH, you get the true value for the money you pay. Subscribe to DISH today to give your family the advantage of experiencing non-stop personalized entertainment.