Get around-the-clock entertainment with DISH® Network channels

DISH Network, being one of the top communication and home entertainment providers in the U.S., offers the latest TV packages at a reasonable price. DISH TV provides flawless customer satisfaction.  The state-of-the-art technology used by DISH has the ability to turn your living room into a virtual private theater for the family and all DISH Network channels are 100% digitized to get pristine picture and sound quality.

The channels offered by DISH Network are classified into different genres and are listed in the programming guide. The DISH Network channels list is grouped in sports, movies, entertainment and music, to name a few. The list is further classified into different subgenres; for example, the movie channels list has various sub genres like action, thriller, comedy, classic and horror. This makes it easy for the customer to decide on what he wants to watch, from hundreds of other programs available.

The DISH Network channel guide provides a wide array of functions like a complete list of channel lineups, credentials on movies, sports, documentaries, shows and other events listed for two weeks. The channel guide is very user-friendly. There is an option to select among favorites, sports, movies, news and children’s programming. To find the program you are looking for, highlight the genre, the date and time, and this will take you directly to the channel number, along with some basic information about the program.

Local channels are available with any DISH TV package you subscribe to. The great news is that you can now receive and view all your favorite local channels wherever you are. Say for instance, you move to a different state like Florida and have been living in New York all your life, it is now possible to view all the DISH Network local channels of New York, while in Florida, for a minimal monthly fee. It is now possible not to miss any of the local events and to follow and cheer your local sports teams.

There are literally hundreds of channels listed and to locate the one channel you are looking for, you can use the program guide. There are different options to find the number of a particular channel. You can enter the channel name in the program guide and it will direct you to the channel number for standard definition and HD, when available, or if you have to select the genre of the channel and it will provide a list of channels with the matching description. All DISH Network channel numbers are listed in the program guide.

The DISH Network channel packages are put together keeping in mind different kinds of customers and their interests. All DISH Network packages strike the right balance between family entertainment and cost-effective prices. DISH Network packages are listed below:

  • DISH Smart Pack:  family package with over 55 channels.
  • AMERICA’S TOP 120 ™: this package has 190 plus channels.
  • AMERICA’S TOP 200™: this package has over 235 channels
  • AMERICA’S TOP 250 ™: this package has 290 plus channels.
  • AMERICA’S EVERYTHING ™PAK: loaded with over 320 channels.